We purchase the following items:
          • Gold bullion coins and bars
          • Silver bullion coins and bars
          • Platinum & Palladium coins and bars
          • United States gold coins pre-1933
          • Pre-1965 90% Silver U.S coins
          • 40% silver half dollars
          • Silver Dollars
          • Coin collections
          • United StatesCurrency
          • Foreign Coin & Currency 


We can quote buy and sell prices for most bullion coins over the phone. These prices should only be used as an indication of how the market is currently performing. Due to market volatility our buy and sell prices will be locked in at the time the business is being conducted. For collector coins and currency it is much easier to bring the coins in for an evaluation. There are more factors to take into account when quoting a price for collector coins and currency, such as, condition, date, mintage, eye appeal, rim damage, tears, holes, and whether the coin has been cleaned. Please do not clean your coins.